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    ADF Mobile - Target specific iterated component in java?

      Hi all,

      I'm developing in 11.2.3, with ADF Mobile.

      Use Case / Design Pattern: iphone Messages where you slide right to delete a message, the delete button appears on the specific component.

      So I have basically iterated a panel group, and have hooked in an action listener on the slideRight event. I want to target a specific hidden button, and use a setPropertyListener to modify the the rendered property.

      I am unsure of how to exactly do this, as I know iterated components would be generated with a dynamic id.

      In adf, I had access to the component through a backing bean on the action event. the getCompnent doesn't seem to be available in ADF Mobile, however I am sure that there is a way. I guess if we reduce this post to how can I get a handle to the iterated component in java, my question would be solved. Happy to take a js approach here too, if that would be considered within the bounds of best pracitce.