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    OCIStmtExecute crash -  similar stack trace found. is this a known bug?

      Hi, I searched in google and several posting shows simiilar (stack frame [1] - [7]) stack trace like ours below. Does anyone know is this some known bug in oracle? Any suggested solution? Thx!

      [1] ttcfour(0x2d38e5b8, 0x2d396b78, 0x0, 0x0, 0x2f58beb8, 0xffbe02bc), at 0xf79738d8
      [2] ttcdrv(0x2d398c60, 0x0, 0x2d38e5b8, 0x10, 0x2d3991a0, 0x2d396b78), at 0xf7965d58
      [3] nioqwa(0x2d396c1c, 0x2d445080, 0xf7964ae4, 0x2d398c60, 0x2d396ba0, 0x2c00), at 0xf7415238
      [4] upirtrc(0xf74151fc, 0x5e, 0x0, 0x0, 0xf8bcd3cc, 0xf8daaeb8), at 0xf6e5daa8
      [5] kpurcsc(0x2d395f08, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0, 0x1, 0x0), at 0xf70b6558
      [6] kpuexec(0x2d395f08, 0x2f58beb8, 0x2d500730, 0x20009, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xf701b408
      [7] OCIStmtExecute(0x2d395f08, 0x2f58beb8, 0x2d500730, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xf6e687f8
      [8] otl_cur::describe_column(0x2f5c34f8, 0x2f655438, 0x1, 0x2f5c354c,0xf92b03d8, 0xf92ba5a0), at 0x5bc8818
      [9] otl_tmpl_cursor<otl_exc,otl_conn,otl_cur,otl_var>::describe_column(0x2f5c34e8, 0x2f655438, 0x1, 0x5bc8d10, 0x5bc8d70, 0x2f655438), at 0x5bc8654
      [10]otl_tmpl_select_stream<otl_exc,otl_conn,otl_cur,otl_var,otl_sel,otl_oracle_date>::get_select_list(0x2f5c34e8, 0x2f5c3540, 0x2f5c353c, 0x2d376084, 0x3, 0x2d376084), at 0x5bbf1c8
      [11]otl_tmpl_select_stream<otl_exc,otl_conn,otl_cur,otl_var,otl_sel,otl_oracle_date>::otl_tmpl_select_stream(0x2f5c34e8, 0x2d5d24e0, 0x400, 0x2f5c1070, 0x2d376084, 0x0), at 0x5bbd6f0
      [12] otl_stream::open(0xffbe5598, 0x400, 0x2f5c1070, 0x2d376084, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x5bb5af0

      The oracle client version used in our task is
      sundev22> sqlplus -v
      SQL*Plus: Release Production