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    Java 1.6 u38 stopps working on Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server


      I have got a strange behavior on our Terminal Server Farm. We have updated our Servers to Windows 2008 R2. Java 1.6 u38 runs fine, but it stops working suddenly.
      Reinstall solves the Problem, but only for several hours. Then some users are not able to use Java from Internet Explorer or direct starting JNLP Applications.
      Java starts, but nothing happens. You can see the Java6 Startup Windows with the dots running and thats all.

      Admin Users are ables to use Java and some "normal" Users are able, too. After reinstall all user are able to use Java. Next day all servers from our RDS Farm are falling out again.
      No eventlog entries or anti-virus entires are present.

      Does anybody have an idea whats going on here?

      best regards,