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    Post operation processing initiated


      We are implementing Oim
      We have created a request template for providing access to resource ABC
      I have attached default Beneficiary Manager Approval process with this template at operation level.
      There is no other approval associated with this.
      Request level and template level approval are Auto Approval.
      I haven't applied any validation yet.

      After the beneficiary manager has approved the request the request state is changed to "Post Operation Processing Initiated"
      The task is pending with "Internal User"

      Kindly suggest where it is getting stuck?
      How to resolve it?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Nishith Nayan
          check if you have any post operation job dependent on it which is in pending state.

          Post Operation Processing Initiated(Below definition given in Oracle doc)

          After the actual requested operation is completed, if there exists any additional operation that needs to be executed as post-processing, the request engine moves the request to the Post Operation Processing Initiated stage, before initiating those operations. This happens after Operation Completed status.
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            Hi Nishith,

            Thanks for your reply.

            But I didn't get you.

            I mean how and where to check what is pending..
            There are no validations, no notifications.

            It is a default approval workflow.

            Please help.
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              Check mappings in your provisioning process tasks.

              Did you complete the mapping for C to Provisioned under Object to Status mapping tab ?

              Do you have any dependent task which needs to be completed in your Process Definition (apart from create user task) as part of Provisioning?