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      RAW_COST_SOURCE and BURDENED_COST_SOURCE in table PA_BUDGET_LINES has the value of 'B' and 'M'. What does 'B' and 'M' stands for ? If possible please also explain what does RAW cost source and burden cost source mean.

      Thanks a ton.
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          Dina Rotem

          When you setup a budget type you have to enter the method of data entry.
          The choice is to enter manually the quantity, and or raw cost and or the burdened costs.
          You could also choose to leave quantity and raw cost as null and only enter the burdened costs.
          You could select to enter quantity or raw cost and let the system calculate the rest for you. This is done by implementing the Budget Client Extension.

          So, you might want to check what is the budget type configuration, for finding the meaning of the B and M letters.

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            Hi Uva,

            This values determine how the raw_cost and Burden_cost is derived.
            If it is 'M' it means the raw cost and burden cost are entered manually.
            If it is 'C' it means they are derived using Client Extension.