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    Oracle R12 PO Accounting Flow

      Dear Members,

      Can any one please point me to a metalink note or any other website where I can get a detailed information about PO Accounting Flow.

      I want to know the details such as which account is credited and debited when a PO is created, receipt, inspection etc.

      Many thanks in advance.

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          Purchasing Encumbrance Accounting Concepts and Process Model [ID 121858.1]

          Setup and Defaulting of Accounts in a Purchasing Encumbrance Environment [ID 245096.1]

          Accounting Flow For Purchase Orders, Receipts and Matched Invoices in an Encumbrance Environment [ID 386807.1]

          You can check out the below links where discussion on accounting entries are made when Asset items Purchased.



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            Do refer the below note "Brief Overview of Receipt Accounting (Doc ID 563100.1)"
            It clearly explains the accounting for the various receipt transactions and the accounts involved.
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