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    Sum  of the gross sales

      Hi Dudes,

      I have requirement is i need the top ten gross sales for the accounts and i want the remaining all account gross sales come in 11 row only
      ex: i have 100 rows, top 10 gross sales in first 10 rows and 11 row is total gross sales from 11 row to 100 rows.
      Please suggest me.

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          Vineeth. K.M

          You need to create BINS in obi answers.
          Please refer the below link:

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            Thanks for your reply.

            but my requirement is we have brands assigned to different accounts, each brand can have different accounts in top 10, so i can't group on it. please suggest me.
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              Using Selection steps we can achieve this... bt here we should take hard coded value (Like using BINS).
              -in this case i was taken prod, revenue(sort desc)
              -- select selection steps:
              prod col: Then, New Step...-> Add Groups or Calculated Items -> new calculated item
                   Display label name: Remaining sum(11-100)
                   function: SUM
                   select products which are not in top 10 i.e, 11 to 100 records(move all then remove top 10)
                   check the "Remove calculated item members from view"
                   click OK

              pls mark it helps......
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                Vineeth. K.M

                Can you create a prompt for the Brand ? Is this ok with the requirement ?

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                  actually no, but if yes, what is the solution.
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                    Add one more column in criteria with formula as

                    case when RANK(Gross Sales) <=10 then Account Name else 'Non Top 10' end

                    Also for Brand

                    case when RANK(Gross Sales) <=10 then Brand else 'Non Top 10' end

                    Now use these columns in your report instead of Account and Brand column. You will get results as below

                    Brand Account Gross Sales

                    B1 A1 100
                    B1 A2 90
                    B10 A10 70

                    Non Top 10 Non Top 10 1000

                    Hope this helps
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                      I was struggling with this problem ....specially in OBIEE 11g it's kind of tricky...and a few things needs to be taken care........here is the link which worked finally for me after wasting almost 1 working day to break it thru