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      • 15. Re: Client connections from linux to Solaris DB server failing
        user4566776 wrote:
        Thanks Harry, you are amazing !!! you saved my day.

        I would need one more help => for my knowledge, when do we use this "(SERVER = SHARED)" in tnsnames? is this for Shared server config instead of dedicate connection mode?

        I presumed my DB was in shared server config as the spfile parameter shared_servers=5

        the shared_server parameter allows shared server connections. But the database can always receive dedicated server connections.
        From the database's side, 'shared server' vs. 'dedicated server' is NOT an either/or situation -- they are NOT mutually exclusive.

        Now that we know you had configured for shared servers, perhaps you could try increasing the value of shared_servers and set your tnsnames back to use a shared server connection.

        And do some more reading about the pros and cons of shared server and the reasons you might choose to use - or not use - a shared server connection. A good place to start would be the official docs at tahiti.oracle.com
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