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    Oracle APEX Fine Grained Auditit (FGA)

      I am currently testing fine grained auditing against 1 database table.

      The FGA audit table holds nearly all the information I require for auditing, but I am unable to link an audit record to the application and page where the DDL statement was executed.
      For example, on DEMO_CUSTOMERS, if I update a customer on Page 2 and then query the table on Page 1, there is no unique field to link th FGA information with the APEX activity log as the FGA database session ID is constant for the authenticated user and the action timestamp in the APEX activity log does not go into enough detail to link records.

      Is it possible to retrieve this information and if so how is it done?
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          I'm not overly familiar with FGA, but depending on how this is triggered, you can interrogate information using substitution variables.

          The following may be useful for your situation

          Detailed. Note, you may need to use v('APP_ID') syntax

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