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    Joining between essbse cube and a RDBMS table

      Hi ,

      I have a fact column in my essbase cube named product desc , whose values are stored as double in essbase (i.e. 16,17,18 etc) ,But the requirement is to show this values as char (i.e. A,B etc) .

      For example ,

      If project description is 16 it should display A .

      Thers's a RDBMS table , consisting of two columns - ID, text value . where product description values(i.e. A,B etc) are in text value's with the corresponding ID's of each text value (i.e. 16,17,18 etc) .

      A 16
      B 17
      C 19

      So ,I have to join this RDBMS table with my essbase cube , in such a way that , it will match it with corresponding ID's(from that RDBMS table) and fetch the corresponding text values .

      Let me know if my problem statement is not clear enough .