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    how to exclude UNDO and temp tablespace using monitoring template

    Kunal Narkhede

      as per MOS note id 816920.1 undo and temp tablespace is excluded from monitoring starting version 11G onwards.It says that thresholds will need to be explicitly set if undo and temp needs to be monitored
      we have grid 12C implemented now with monitoring templates which sets thresholds for all tablespaces. does it apply that thresholds to undo and temp too?? we are receiving alerts for undo and temp tablespaces and we wish to disable them. We have undo tablespaces with different names in many databases as per naming conventions for that line of business.

      How can i exclude undo and temp tablespaces from monitoring using grid 12C monitoring templates. is there a way through templates where i can set thresholds of permanent tablespaces only???
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          In EM12c, go to the 'Enterprise' menu, then 'Job', then 'Library'. There should be an out-of-the-box job called "DISABLE TABLESPACE USED (%) ALERTS FOR UNDO AND TEMP TABLESPACES" that you can run against your database targets, and that job will disable database-generated alerts.

          If a previous admin has set up EM12c-generated alerts for undo and temp, then yes, a monitoring template will take care of disabling them. Either remove those alerts from the existing monitoring template and apply them to your targets, or create a new monitoring template based on one database's current settings, remove those warning/critical thresholds for your undo and temp tablespaces, and apply it to your targets.