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    Error exporting to reporting repository schema

      I am exporting a logical model and associated process models to a repository schema. The model contains entities and attributes mapped to flows/information stores using information structures.
      I drop the repository first then re-export and get an error at the point where it is allegedly exporting information stores. The log says:

      2013-02-01 14:05:06,481 [Thread-19] ERROR ReportsHandler - Error Exporting to Reporting Schema:
           at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSSourceTargetMappings.export(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSProcesses.export(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.RSProcessModel.export(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.dbtools.crest.exports.reports.ReportsHandler.export(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.dbtools.crest.swingui.ControllerApplication$ExportToReportsSchema$1.run(Unknown Source)

      Many tables are populated in the repository, including DMRS_INFO_STORES,DMRS_INFO_STRUCTURES DMRS_PROCESS_ATTRIBUTES for example. But not, sadly, DMRS_FLOWS and DMRS_FLOW_INFO_STRUCTURES. Diagrams are also not exported as I assume this happens after the failure

      I assume there must be some objects in the model that are not correctly related. I've been through every flow/relationship and all seems OK. Would value an indication of where to look for potential inconsistency

      I am using Version