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    FR Report Issue

      I want ot insert 400 rows in FR report which has members to pick not in an order.

      Is there any way to automate this step through Excel?
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          Not really, FR is a painful tool to use......

          What you may want to do is : 1.) Create report in FR, 2.) add a row using the member selector, select 1 row. 3.) Save the report, 4.) Export report (.DES) file, 5.) Look at the format of the file, it's an XML file. 6.) Create a script to create all of the rows you need for the accounts.

          I've done something like this a couple of times, but it's not pleasant.
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            Erich Ranz
            What beyerch2 said is the way to go. However, would it be an option to create an alternate hierarchy or a member list to utilize? Just something to think about.
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              Like Erich said, you could create a member list and just pull the member list as one line item in your FR report. You can based the member list on a userdefined flag or several other criteria.

              You can also create a member list by adding the specific accounts into an array if you would like to take a more manual approach (although this would be nearly as tedious as inserting the 400 lines into FR Studio).