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    Jdeveloper 11g adf template


      I have been trying to create a template which is browser friendly, and I am having issues with the components.

      I have tried to use these components:
      if used a panel group layout- horizontal and then panel stretch layout as a child component- it doesn't stretch according to the browser but if reduced the browser window size after running the page it gives a scroll bar and works fine.

      if used a panel stretch layout and panel group layout as a child component it does stretch with different browsers dynamically but if reduced the window size it doesn't give a scroll bar instead all the images and text gets mixed up or something.

      Could someone please tell me the right components to use which would stretch along correctly with every browser?


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          Timo Hahn
          a panelGroupLayout does not stretch its children >

          Geometry Management
          This component can be stretched by a parent layout component that stretches its children, e.g. panelStretchLayout if:
          layout="scroll" layout="vertical"
          This component cannot be stretched by a parent layout component that stretches its children if:
          layout="default" layout="horizontal"
          This component does not stretch its children.>

          Try a panleStrechLayout with a panelGroupLayout in type scroll...

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            Thanks for the reply Timo.

            The issue is right now I am using a Panel Stretch Layout as a parent component and within that is one more Panel Stretch Layout, here I am using Panel Stretch Layout again as a child instead of a group layout because I am using all the facets (top, bottom,start,end) in the Stretch layout right now which I require.

            And this is stretching the page to fit any browser but the only issue is if the browser window is reduced, instead of giving a scroll bar by default it just collapses everything within in a messy way. Please let me know a solution to this.


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              Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
              If you want scroll bars to appear use a panelGroupLayout set to scroll with styleClass="AFStretchWidth"
              Put it in the center facet of a panelStretchLayout.

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                Timo Hahn
                Try putting a panelGroupLayout with layout="scroll". This should get you scroll bars when the content inside the panelGroupLayout is bigger then the available area.