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    Urgent:ADFMobileBrowser How to set keyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction to NO


      We developed a small ADF mobile browser based app(using trinidad components0 and accessing in a iPad. In this page we have a small input field and user will be scanning the input using some scanner. We want to set the focus back to the input field once we successfully process the scanned input. We used <inputtext>.focus for setting the focus again. This does not work in touch devices (especially iOS devices with Safari and Chrome). In iOS 6, apple has given a property(keyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction) in UIWebView to NO which will allow the focus to be on the input field.

      I have the following questions,
      i) Does ADF Mobile browser has any option to set this property
      ii) Does ADF Mobile has any option to set this property
      iii) Is there any other way we can set this property(like using javascript)
      iv) Is this limitation applies to android devices as well? (In some forum they said in android it works fine).
      v) I read in dev guide we can use ADF Faces for iOS, in that case how do we set this option and how to use ADF Faces