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    Unable to Install Identity Server : Error 20: Identity System Configuration

      HI I am trying to setup IDM system as per below order.

      Oracle DB -> OID (two Instance OID1 & OID2 on separate RHEL5 box) -> OVD ( OVD1 & OVD2) -> OAM

      I have successfully installed this setup upto OVD. But once I started Identity Server installation, installation is breaking with Error " Setup.product.install, com.oblix.installshield.ObExecWizardAction, err, There is an error. Please try again. Error 20: Identity System Configuration already exists on the specified LDAP directory server."

      Earlier Few of my tea-mates Tried installing Identity server unsuccessfully thats why may be now I am not able to install it again.

      Let me tell you at what point I got above error.

      Identity server installation asks two time Directory server information. First time I selected option as "Data Anywhere" and after that I have given the details of OVD (IP/Ports/cn=orcladmin/password) and I got above error. I ignored that error and continue installation and second time I selected options as " Oracle Internet Directory" and gave OID details. again I got same kind of information.

      So I have droped RCU and reinstalled OID ( not OVD) and tired Identity installation but no luck got same error at first stage (OVD/Data Anywhere). This time I did not continue installation.

      Please help me to resolve this issue and I also want to know how can I remove Idenitity Server Information from OVD ( and OID too for future reference).


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          Hi Parmar,

          The error message "Identity System Configuration already exists on the specified LDAP" is complaining that the schema objects required by OAM already exsit on the specified ldap. The schema update needs only to be performed once (usually the first Identity Server installation, although it can be performed manually as a standalone operation) on each ldap instance, after which subsequent installation of Identity Servers do not need that step, which can be avoided by answering "No" when asked if it is the first Identity Server to be installed.

          In order to check if these schema objects are in your ldap, look at the schema for a lot of oblix* object classes and ob* attributes - if they are there then the schema has been added. OAM only supports OVD as the User ldap store, not the configuration store. When you first install an Identity Server, it is necessary to give OID (in your environment) as the configuration store, and the installation will usie the OID_oblix_schema_add.ldif file to update the OID schema. When you specify the user store as OVD, OAM adds VDE_user_schema_add.ldif to the OVD schema.

          I suspect that your schema objects may be fine, but if you want to clean them from your directory you can use the *delete.ldif files supplied (all the ldif files are in identity/oblix/data/common) for the ldap servers, and start again.