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    OLAP Analysis Count Distinct?

    Nick Clinite
      If this query is better suited to the OLAP forum, please let me know.

      I am creating an Enrollment cube that has a dimension of Student with a Student_ID attribute. The fact table contains a measure column called Students, with each record having a value of 1. This results in getting a total SUM of students for a specific semester in an analysis in BI. However, this SUM aggregation does not distinctly identify students, resulting in a student that attends 4 semesters being counted as 4 students for the entire academic year. Adding COUNT(DISTINCT Student.Student_ID) to the analysis worked with an earlier test cube that I had created, but when I try to perform it on my updated cube it will only give me a COUNT(DISTINCT) for All Time, even when looking at the Semester or Academic Year levels. The only appreciable difference in my updated cube is that it has more dimensions.