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    Providing a PS link to an internal Careers Site

      Our functional staff has requested that the HCM navigational links to Career (“Root > Careers” and “Root >Self Service >Recruiting Activities > Careers”) access the Internal link created in the Careers Site Setup. This url is similar to the following:

      When I access the URL I get a "You are not authorized to access this component" message. (I do have security)

      Is it possible to create a PeopleSoft content reference that points to the Careers Site Internal URL and if so, how is it done?

      Our Content reference is set up as Non-PeopleSoft URL but I have also tried PeopleSoft Generic URL and Worklist URL with the link defined above. Each URL type had a different error message and none were successful.

      Environment: HCM 9.1 HR #9, Tax 12-B, PT 8.51.15

      Thanks much,

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          I believe that I just solved this question. I changed the link back to a PeopleSoft Component adding the Career's component parameters for Menu, Market, and Component. Then, in order to link to a specific page I added query string parameters to the Additional Parameters field. In my case I added "Page=HRS_CE_HM_PRE&Action=A&SiteId=1400". This allows me to link to the specific page and the security is carried forward. I'm still testing but so far this appears to be a working resolution.