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    11g Stacked Bar/Line Chart Question for the Gurus out there

    Steve J
      Got a question regarding a stacked bar/Line chart and pivot table.
      Screen shots in a word doc [https://dl.dropbox.com/u/49956383/Stacked%20Bar%20Chart%20with%20Line.doc] showing the column formulas and layout.

      I have a graphed pivot table using a stacked bar/line graph with the columns of revenue stacking by to 2 transactions types over a timeline in the rows, this is all fine looks like I want it to.
      Then I have the line as an RSUM of the Cumulative Revenue but it is also breaking it into the 2 transaction types, I would like to keep the bars as the two transaction types but condense the line into a single cumulative revenue.

      How would i be able to condense the line without also condensing the stacked bar?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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