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    OBIEE-Essbase Better or Worse Variance Calculation


      Currently Using OBIEE 11g.

      I am currently trying to set up better or worse variance calculations in OBIEE with Essbase as my datasource. The Essbase cube currently has a variance property attached to each of the accounts that are tied to revenues and expenses.

      When calculating Variance to Last year in OBIEE ((Amount this year- Amount last year)/ Amount Last year), the variance number is correct, but the sign is incorrect from time to time. For example, if you have an expense that reduced (2012 Cost: (10000) 2011 Cost: (5000)) We have currently set up OBIEE to set all metrics as follows: (-10000-(-5000))/-5000 = -100%. In actuality, this is a 100% improvement as the expenses have reduced by 100%. With Revenue driven metrics it works properly (so long as the metric is positive (profit amount may be negative as it is a revenue driver so the calculation is done in correctly here too). So basically this:

      1. I want to know how to access the tags from Essbase

      2. Any help on how to simplify this process in OBIEE.