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    Can set default value on field with Rule

      I have a rule to set the xWebStartDate to dateCurrent() but it doesn't work. I've disabled all other rules so there's no conflict. This rule is only trying to set the xWebStart date, nothing else.
      "Use rule activation condition" is checked. I've selected "Use action" and "Check in Selected". I added the xWebStartDate field and I have a custom default value of
      So, this is for content that already exists and someone is checking in a new revision.
      I know my rule works, because I added the dDocAuthor field and set it to "infOnly" and that works. This issue happens if the action is Update also. But for new checkins I can successfully set the xWebStartDate to dateCurrent.

      Update: This is for existing content, which already has a xWebStartDate. The rule should overwrite the existing value.

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