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      We are running PS 9.1 Service Pack 0 Tools Release 8.52.05.

      GL just ran J_GEN and it failed. Has anyone seen the below error statement. And if so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

      File: e:\pt852-903-r1-retail\peopletools\src\psappeng\aedebug.hSQL error. Stmt #: 1620 Error Positi on: 0 Return: 805 - ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYSADM.PS_RECV_LN_ACCTG) violated Failed SQL stmt:UPDATE PS_RECV_LN_ACCTG SET JOURNAL_ID = 'PO00005381', JOURNAL_DATE = TO_DATE('2013- 01-31','YYYY-MM-DD'), FISCAL_YEAR = 2013, ACCOUNTING_PERIOD = 4, GL_DISTRIB_STATUS = 'D', JOURNAL_LI NE = 1 WHERE PROCESS_INSTANCE = 258189 AND GL_DISTRIB_STATUS = 'J' AND ACCOUNT='101303' AND DEPTID= ' ' AND CURRENCY_CD='USD' AND FOREIGN_CURRENCY='USD' AND PROJECT_ID='1' AND ENTRY_EVENT=' '

      Process 258189 ABENDED at Step FS_JGEN_JRNL.uDrill.uDrill2 (SQL) -- RC = 805

      FS_JGEN_JRNL uDrill uDrill2 SQL 805

      It's the first month end close, so we are trying to complete this step to run receipt accrual next.

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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          The error message indicates that the process is trying to update a row to a value which already exists. You could check the table PS_RECV_LN_ACCTG if a row already exists with the key values displayed in the error message (PO00005381, 2013- 01-31, 2013, 4).