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    Error in using XA and Non-XA datasource at same time

      I think this case may be a little complicated:
      there are two actual databases, for example, A is for service/biz, and B is for data archiving. system run the archiving service once a day, we decided to use JTA to ensure that no records would be lost while any exceptions encountered on each side. we create two XADatasouces for A and B. And there is an existed Non-XADatasource in weblogic that be used by general business. it's Database A actually. make a summary:
      Two actually databases :
      A , B
      Three DataSources in Weblogic :
      Non-XA-DS , XA-DS1 - > refer to Database A, the business DB
      XA-DS2 - > refer to Database B, the archiving DB

      And the archiving code like this:

      fetch Data from XA-DS1;
      record logs to Non-XA-DS;
      save Data to XA-DS2;
      release resources;

      look at the bold lines. it work well if remove the "*record logs to Non-XA-DS*". but if enable the logs features it will throw out an exception with message " cannot call commit of connection in a distributed transaction". It's weird, that Non-XA-DS is not a XADatasource and I also disabled the Global Transaction Support of the datasource. As i think . that UserTransaction would not manage a DS indicated not support JTA. is that correct? And how can I resolve this problems

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