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    Unable to update email address attribute using post process event handler.

      Hi All,
      Im unable to update án email address using the below code used as post process event handler in OIM 11g R1. I have few logger messages inside the execute method, wchich are getting printed in the log file and i'm getting no exception. I have the same code in the bulk load orchestration as well. Is there any other configurations that i need to take care. I'm deploying the plugin from Jdevelop using the OIM customization installer jdev extension extension and i can see the log messages printed in the execute method (which i have removed from the code below).

      public EventResult execute(long l, long l1, Orchestration orchestration) {

      HashMap<String, Serializable> parameters =
      String userFirstName =
      getParamaterValue(parameters, AttributeName.FIRSTNAME.getId());
      String userLastName =
      getParamaterValue(parameters, AttributeName.LASTNAME.getId());
      OrchestrationTarget target = orchestration.getTarget();
      String emailGenerated=generateEmailAddress(userFirstName, userLastName);
      orchestration.addParameter("Email", emailGenerated);
      return new EventResult();