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    FDM Validate step failed

      Dear all,
      I come across a problem when loading data from DB table. The "Import" step is successful, but the "Validate" step doesn't pass without no error information promped.Here is the result created after "Import" step:
      Header: Source FM Entity Source FM Account Account Description Source Icp Source Custom1 Source Custom2 Source Custom3 Amount
      Content: EastSales SalesTP SalesTP [ICP None] [None] [None] [None] 13.14
      and here is the result created after "Validate" step:
      Header: FM Entity FM Account View Icp Custom1 From Custom To Custom Amount
      Content: YTD 13.14

      During the "Validate" step,only dimension "View" and Amount get the content,others get nothing,could anyone tell me what's wrong with the validate step?
      Any advices are appreciated!