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    Invalid Connection remains connected on AQ by my JMS code while RAC switch

      Hello All,

      Greetings !!

      I am facing a issue with my JMS code which connect to AQ to dequeue the message. While RAC switch of DB instance my code remains with the invalid connection and seems like hung and need to be restart for fresh connection.

      My code works in thread implemented while creates the connection with AQ on initial start-up and keep on dequeue the message on subscription while infinite thread execution.
      Code also have reconnect login in case we face any DB disconnection or exception but here while RAC switch we are not able face any disconnection due to while my reconnect logic is not being called.

      So can anyone advice me how we can get notification in my code about the RAC switch, so that I can call my reconnect logic for fresh connection ??

      Thanks in advance for suggestions.