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    OIM API to Add Recon Fields to Resource Object???

      In design console under Resource Management -> Resource Objects-> Object Reconciliation, I am able to add reconciliation fields to a specific resource object. I would like to do this through Java. After poking around the OIM API, I cannot such method. Is there an OIM API to add reconciliation fields to a resource object?

      Here are my findings:
      In the "tcObjectOperationsIntf" class, I see "getReconciliationFields(long plObjectKey)". This gets me all the recon fields for a specific resource object.
      In the "tcFormDefinitionOperationsIntf" class, I see "addReconDataFlow(long plProcessKey, long plObjectKey, java.lang.String sourceKey, java.lang.String targetName, boolean isKeyField)". This allows me to define a mapping between a field label in a process form and a recon field.