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    /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/ecadm status issue

      Hi guys,
      I just rebooted my OC server machine. Everytime I use the /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/ecadm status command , it always returns offline .

      root@ops # /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/ecadm start
      ecadm: Enable HTML redirect
      ecadm: Disabling svc:/application/scn/ec-server-splashpage:default
      ecadm: svc:/application/scn/ec-server-splashpage:default successfully stopped
      ecadm: Starting Enterprise Controller with SMF...
      root@ops #
      root@ops #
      root@ops # /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/ecadm status
      root@ops #

      I cannot open OC using web ! How can I solve this issue ?