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    When pasted large # of values in Choice Prompt,  Stop running this script?


      In a choice prompt, I am cut paste large number of values (about 4000) in 11g dashboard. After a few seconds I get a popup 'Stop running this script?'. The same number of values works very quickly and without prompt in 10g.
      The behavior looks to be due to java script running to set the choice values in 11g. Even if I paste these as ; separated values time taken is very very large.
      Two questions
      (a) Why it takes so long compared to 10 g? If I paste small # of values (say 30) , control comes back with active 'Apply' button quickly.
      (b) What can be done to improve this performance?
      See this posting http://www.itwriting.com/blog/119-ie7-script-madness.html and work around to suppress the popup.
      I tried using presentation variable and that avoids the popup. Why?

      I will like to know what options I have for better user experience.