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    Sun IdM bulk approval auditing

      have implemented bulk approval in user interface similar to admin interface. The drawback why we implemented same in the user interface is to audit approval.

      when i click on the bulk approval link on user interface it is opening list of workitem awaiting for my approval(who ever login to user interface) with check box. if i select multiple workitem and click
      "approve" button then it is goin for confirmation page. they if i click ok all the selected work item got approved.

      in my case i need to audit all those things. so wai i did is i invoked the workflow where i have implemented my auding. i have written my code on confirmation page "ok" button's propety "PostURL".

      Now the problem is its ivoking the workflow and selected workitems are not getting approved. please help me on this issue

      <Field name='confirm'>
      <Display class='Button'>
      <Property name='command' value='Recalculate'/>
      <Property name='label' value='UI_OK_LABEL'/>
      <Property name='value' value='true'/>
      <Property name='postURL' value='user/processLaunch.jsp?newView=true&amp;id=Cobra Bulk Approval&amp;op_var1=$(workItems[selected=true].variables)'>