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    HFM configuration and DCOM error

      Dear all,

      I'm installing the HFM/FR/FDQM/Essbase stack on a well powered Windows 2008 R1 server VM (~10 GB RAM). I'm using the latest Oracle Database server.

      I'm having a problem however on the DCOM configuration task (DCOM and application server configuration/registration).

      I searched the installation documentation (install/troubleshooting), the Oracle forum and the web for DCOM configuration guidance and could find different settings.

      Could any of you guruz resume the DCOM configuration related steps please? I already rode it from John Booth and other interesting posts/replies, I reviewed/checked the steps but still having an issue.

      I did not created a specific EPM_User account as using the Administrator account to install and configure the stack. I'm sure about the 4 policy access settings (bypass, etc...). However not sure about the DCOM settings as I could read about various settings.

      Would it be something I'm missing? => I didn't installed any patch from Oracle support - just the basic packages from edelivery. I'm using the standard settings regarding configuration (paths, ports etc...).
      Would it be any tests I could do regarding DCOM connectivity?
      Also I couldn't locate the right log which shows the current conf error!

      Many thanks for the help you could provide.

      Sébastien Roux