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    Hide buttons on a page


      I have a page with buttons like 'Negotiate', 'Accept', etc..
      I want to hide 'Negotiate' button at site level tru personalization.

      I can see 2 buttons related t negotiate in the pagebuttonbar. But both these are by default rendered 'False'.
      So am unsure on which one controls the display of this button.

      Also, I have a 'Add' button next to attachments, I need to hide this button too. I dont find anything related to this button from personaliza page.

      Please help me in hiding these buttons.

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          I understand that these buttons what you mentioned are on some seeded page.

          First of all try to find out the list of customizations done on that page. For that go to About this page link to get the path of this page like /orace/apps/..../webui/XXXPG

          Go to toad or SQL developer and run


          This will list down all the documents which got created as part of customizations done on the page. Also, from the ABOUT THIS PAGE link, check, if the Controller is extended or not.

          Similarly you can do a jdr_utils.printDocument() to get the XML content of the document.

          Now as you mentioned, that two buttons are rendered false, but they are still visible. There might be chances that Controller might have been extended for that page and conditionally, those two buttons are rendered.

          This is basically the general approach.

          Let me know, if you have any specific questions.

          Saurabh Agrawal
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            Hi Saurabh,

            Thanks for the reply.
            This is a standard page.

            When I queried for jdr_utils.listCustomizations('/orace/apps/..../webui/XXXPG') -> I get only one record for personalization which is mine.

            From ABOUT THIS PAGE -> I cant see personalize pencil against pagelayout - so am unable to know whether controller is extended or not. Is it correct way to check if controller is extended or not. If not, let me know how I can check it.

            I have got the xml of the page - in this also both of the Negotiate button has render value as false - Please let me know if I should check something else in it.

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              Is this a workflow notification page by any chance??

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                This is not exactly a notificaton page. But this is navigated from a notification page.
                From Invoice approval notification page, when additional invoice details link is clicked, it navigates to the page am personalizing(/oracle/apps/ap/invoice/request/negotiation/webui/InvPoReqNegoPG ).

                I am facing 2 issues in this:
                1. Attachment Link - unable to hide add button
                2. Hide Negotiate button which is in page button bar - but has rendered as false as default value.

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                  Hi Chit,

                  To personalize the page you should click personlaize page in the top most rigt in the page. If there is no personalize page link then you should enable the
                  Personalize Self-Service Defn profile at desired level.

                  Then you can see the personlize icon the page.

                  But to check that whether any controllers extended you click about this page link. Under page definition region click expand all and you can controller region wise in the controller column.

                  Please check whether any controller has extended.(mostly extended controllers are prefix with XX or sufix with Ex).

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                    I dont see any controller with the provided prefix.
                    There are different regions like invoice header, line , PO info each one having their own controller.

                    I have already personalized the page items like making fields non editable. But I wanst able to see personalize at pagelayout level.

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                      What I would recommend you is try doing a Controller extension.

                      In your own custom controller, try to get the handle of the fields and set their Render property as False ( for fields you want to hide).

                      Also make sure, in your extended/custom controller. In the ProcessRequest method, first call the super.processrequest() and then write your custom code to hide these fields.

                      The ids of the field you can get by doing a jdr_utils.printDocument('<exact path of your PG file >')

                      Hope this will help.

                      Saurabh Agrawal
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                        Now check the followings:

                        1. Enable region level personalization and click page button bar region personalization link and check that button has rendered true at responsibility or any other level.

                        or else copy the page doc path (from about the page) and paste in personalization tab in the Functional Administrator.

                        Check that button has personalized at any level.

                        Actually we can personalize a component at many context. For ex. You can hide button in various context like page scope, region scope. So start checking from the most inner level to the top level. If anywhere that button is set true for rendered property.

                        If nowhere the button has provided rendered true means then hide that button thru controller extension.

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                          Braj Pratap
                          Hi ,

                          some times button are created dynamically in controller processRequest method, so please decompile the standard controller and check how the buttons are created and applied , based on that information identify the ids of those buttons and extended the controller to hide these buttons.

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                            The reason for the above issue is the page InvPoReqNegoPG has ADMIN PERSONLIZATION property set t o FALSE, hence you cannot extend the ctrler for pagelayoutRN. You have to search for alternate options.

                            Gautham Kanaparthy