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    XML Publisher Page Numbering

      Hello Guru's,
      We have just started to use XML Publisher for a Purchase Order report within our E-Business Suite. So far I have everything figured out except for the page numbering. I am simply trying to have it say "Page x of y". I know this should be simple, but for some reason after spending far too many hours on it, I am reaching out for the forums. I know that is should be within the "@section", but I am stumped!

      I am attaching a 7zip file, which contains my word rtf template, and my xml file. There are three separate purchase orders here. Since they are short, each one in this case should say "Page 1 of 1". I appreciate your help.

      Well it appears you cannot attach files in this forum. If someone knows how to help me out here, I can email you my files directly. Thanks.

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