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    Styling report rows using the query result

      Hello, is it possible to style a row in a report using the values returned by the underlying sql query?

      For example, if my query returns a column called ROW_CLASS I would like to use the placeholder #ROW_CLASS# to style the row, e.g. specifying the row class.

      Apparently such row attributes are not available to the apex developer. For each single column value I can set the "Tabular Form Attributes" and "Column Formatting", but I cannot set anything on the whole row.

      In other words I can style the TDs but not the TRs.

      I think this is clearly a "missing feature" that should be there, single the APEX engine that turns the query result into the HTML that displays the table can already access the column values via their placeholders. It would be sufficient to add some "row attributes" or "row class" field in the report.

      It could be used for lots of useful things, in my particular case, highlighting rows that contain errors.

      Also there is no way to perform that operation in CSS (e.g. get the TRs which contain at least one TD of class "ROWERROR"). I know it could be done in JS, but that's very messy for such a simple declarative problem.