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    logical level for logical fact table sources

      it is clear that for fact aggregates, we should use the Content tab of the Logical Table Source dialog to assign the correct logical level to each dimension.
      question is : is it mandatory to assign even for non-aggregates fact tables the logical level for each dimension (which normally should be set to the most detailed level of each dimension) ? is it any known issue if "logical levels"in content tab are not set ?

      the reason I'm asking this is a strange bug I have (I'm not going to discuss it here) and then only workaround seems to be NOT setting the logical levels (on content tab) for logical fact table sources.

      thank you !
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          If levels are not set: By default levels are considered as lowest level
          It should not matter if you set or not

          Generally we set for facts explicitly when we are using Aggregate tables.

          Your current issue might be a case by case; I would suggest to check implicit fact, any table mapped to the source to force a join etc

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          Any updates on this?+_

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