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    Uninstall Java 7 from Vista 32 -Oracle forms won't work

      We were testing Java 7 update 10 to a vista computer and then due to security issues - we removed with add/remove programs - removal went okay. Installed Java 6 update 37 (which we have corporately installed). Our Oracle server wants to download an older version of Java 1.6. (We have already applied the "family 6" in the web config file and autostart up.) How can I remove Java 7 and get Java 1.6 update 37 installed and working properly so that I can then move to Java 6 update 39 for testing?

      I have already ran Microsoft Fix It to remove either version of Java. But when I go to install Java 6 update 37 - I still have issues when pulling up Oracle forms and also the "Java Control Panel" shows application not found. I have ran thru the fix from this link: http://keyliner.blogspot.com/2011/05/java-control-panel-icon-application-not.html. (There also seems to be entries in the registry related to Java 7 and the file jp2iexp.dll.)