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    Error when exiting from ANY JavaFX app. (any workaround?)

      I've had an ongoing problem when working with JavaFX, and even using applications created with it like SceneBuilder and FXExperience tools. As I reported in this bug: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-27458 , any time I exit from any application that uses JavaFX, I get an error. My bug turned out to be a duplicate, and looking at the other report, it seems to be a result of the combination of the ATI-Radeon graphics card, Ubuntu, and JavaFX. It doesn't seem to matter whether the app is solely JavaFX, or embedded in Swing, whether it is installed as a native bundle or run directly from class files, or an executable jar. If it uses JavaFX and I run it, when I close it I get this error. It also doesn't matter whether I use jdk7 or an early-access build of jdk8.

      This is becoming increasingly irritating as I further explore the technology and begin trying to work with it, going beyond simply following tutorials and whatnot, because it means I frequently run my programs to see if they actually work, and am much more frequently using tools like SceneBuilder. It doesn't seem to matter whether I run things from the command line, start them from an IDE, or in the case of installed applications, run them through Ubuntu's Launcher or Dash, when I exit I get an error message and an error log shows up somewhere. Especially when testing an application I'm working on, these logs quickly clutter up my directories and become an annoyance.

      Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds which might help avoid some of the annoyances from the problem? I have the ability to dual-boot Windows 7, and as the problem becomes increasingly annoying, have given some thought to doing my development there. However, I'm really not very comfortable in Windows, and it would involve making some pretty big changes to my workflow, so this isn't my favorite option.

      I imagine that using another distro like Linux Mint would probably continue to have the same issues, since I think it would be using the same drivers for the graphics.

      Changing computers is not currently an option for me. I'd love a Mac to develop on, but that's just not possible currently.

      If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, workaround or tips I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks in advance for your help.