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    Messaging Server 5.2 on Solaris 8 task

      We have a Solaris 8 server in place running Messaging Server 5.2. I've been given the task to create a new domain on the server for all of the users in the current domain. We will need to maintain the old domain for a period of time until end users have updated their address book with the new addresses. My problem is that I am fairly new to this product which is no longer supported. Can anyone provide guidance on the approach to creating the new domain, moving the old domain user accounts to the new domain, and forwarding any old domain e-mails to the new domain accounts? Is there another solution for approaching this problem that we should consider to reduce risk? Any guidance would be appreciated.
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          Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy makes the "support" question more "flexible". Messaging Server 5.2 is so old that it is no longer in "Premier Support" and "Extended Support" is not offered. That means engineering will not provide any new patches/fixes for new bugs on that release. If a bug still exists in a current release, they will be interested to hear about it and get it fixed in current release. But "Sustaining Support" is still available. That would enable you to open support cases about it.

          Support should be able to help with mechanics of specific issues, but the general topic of "migration" like this will be better served by having Professional Services help you.

          I think the first question should be: why do you want to do this? What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

          There are lots of alternatives.
          One would be to simply put in rewrite rules so the new domain name is translated to the old and then mail to the new addresses simply gets delivered to the users as always without having to create and move anything.
          But with software so old (6.0 was released almost 10 years ago. Current is 7u4, which was released over 2 years ago), perhaps you also want to consider upgrading to current release (and current OS and hardware?) in the process of whatever you are trying to do now?
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            Greetings kellyc,

            Thanks for the feedback. We are working in a variety of constraints at the moment. The biggest one is time. We need to get the replacement domain operational ASAP while leaving the existing one in place on the same server. We will have to work the upgrade after the new domain is in place to allow for obtaining the new hardware and software. Can you provide me with examples or documentation on how to make the "rewrite rules" work?