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    How does the Forms Installer detect the platform?

      The Forms Installer is detecting our Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 system as "redhat-Red" and failing the prerequisite check on some systems.

      Specifically, the installer is from ofm_frmrpts_linux_11.

      Other folks on Red Hat EL 6.3 systems show that the installer detects the system as "redhat-6".

      Where is the installer getting the platform information? I have ruled out the following sources:
      /etc/*release (redhat-release, system-release, system-release-cpe)
      `uname -a`
      `uname -r`
      `cat /proc/version`

      All of the above sources yield identical strings on systems that are detected as redhat-Red versus systems detected as redhat-6.

      Is it a Java function? If so, where is it getting the information? Is it a parsing bug between Java 7 update 09 and Java 7 update 13?

      I already know how to skip the prerequisite checks in the installer, but this also skips the automatic package verification, which we want to keep.

      I've also resorted to editing the Disk1/stage/prereq/linux64/refhost.xml to manually change one of the approved platform versions from "6" to "Red" to fool the installer, but this seems like treating the symptoms when we'd prefer to treat the source of the problem.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          I think that rather than attempting to hack the installation, it might be a good idea to work with Oracle Support to fix the problem. It could be that this is an installer bug that needs to be corrected. Further, because this really isn't a "Forms" question, you might get better feedback if you post your question in the "Appication Server" area.


          If you decide to contact Support, I would recommend that you do it under Application Server, if that is an option. It is the AS Support team that generally handles installation issues.

          If you want to force the installation, you may be able to override the acceptable list of platforms. Take a look at the environment variable SELECTED_PLATFORMS. This is an OUI variable that may help. I haven't been able to find much documentation on it, but it might be worth investigating


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            Thank you for the direction to the more appropriate forum. Not sure how I missed it!