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    "Database Diff" can't compare between Oracle PROXY user

      Hi Experts,

      The schema comparison tool named "Database Diff" under Tools tab doesn't seem to work if i'm comparing between Proxy Users.
      Example : If my source user is fnadvi[scott] and Destination user is fnadvi[HR].....it always treats the target user as FNADVI, not HR and does the OBJECT comparison between SCOTT vs FNADVI. Instead of SCOTT vs HR.

      Even on older version of SQLDEVELOPER, it had some bugs related to PROXY USER, didn't used to allow a proxy user loggin in using it's own password. On later releases it was fixed.

      Can anyone tell or report this as bug or provide any workaround for this?

      My SQLDEVELOPER version:

      Version 3.1.07
      Build MAIN-07.42