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    How to switch a career in CRM

      I am working as a business analyst and now want to switch my profile into CRM domain. Can anyone suggest the possible ways for this or any certification in CRM would assist?
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          Basically now-a-days there are many CRM softwares in market. Getting functional understanding of the CRM is more important than the technical detail of any one software like Oracle Siebel CRM because you are a business analyst. Previously the Oracle Siebel CRM was the only software other than SAP CRM and it had a high market share. But now-a-days CRM on Demand similar to cloud computing is gaining ground, because many Organizations cannot afford Oracle Siebel CRM. As of now SalesForce is a big power in CRM on Demand. CRM on demand gives less than features than standalone Siebel CRM.

          There are certifications available by Oracle for functional as well as technical CRM softwares. But this are specific to Oracle Siebel. Each CRM Software has basic functional things similar. SAP CRM is also a god option.

          So I will suggest you can first get a functional training in any of the CRM software and then based on where you can see more opportunities, go ahead and take the Technical training as well. Again I am aware about Oracle Siebel, that their trainings are very costly.

          You can get details for oracle on this site.

          Also, below is one of the certification link.