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    Information about number of ueser in the database.

    Nishant Chawre
      Hello members,
      I have the doubt as below....

      * Say I have Oracle 11gr2 enterprise database.
      * Which contains single user schema say MySchema (e.g. user name: myschema / passwoerd: msch123 ).
      * Now 3 DBA are going to access this database for maintenance activities using credetial " / as sysdba" and 6 application server are goinng to access database using credential myschema@mydb.
      * All the application servers are taking concurrent logins in the database and each application server may start n numbers of sessions at any given time.

      so at a perticuler instance i might see that all the 3 dba are loggedin and all the 6 application servers have started say around 60 sessions.

      Now say ORACLE / my client want to know how many users are accessing the database or how many users are using my database (so that we will not exid the no. of users limit permited by ORACLE licence).
      So what should I report them

      a) single user myschema (total 1 user only)
      b) myschema and sysdba (total 2 users only)
      c) 60+3 different users with same credential(myschema and sysdba) . (if this is the answer I am suppose to reply with, amd my oracle licence allows me for 20 users, am I exceeding the users limit set by ORACLE Licence.)
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          What About v$Session
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            Nishant Chawre
            Thanks for the reply Osama_mustafa sir, but i didn't get what exactly you are pointing to ........
            Thanks and Regards,
            Nishant Chawre

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              The Oracle system supplied V$SESSION view will show you all CURRENT connections to your database. There will be one row per connection.

              So if you have 3 DBA's and 10 users all connected view the same logon, then you'd still see 13 user connections to your database, along with the oracle background processes as well..
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                For all licensing questions, you really, really, really want to consult the paperwork your organization has, your Oracle sales rep, and whoever manages compliance for your licenses. If there is ever an audit, saying that you relied on advice from some guy on the internet with a playing card logo next to his name is a career limiting statement. Nothing that is said in this forum is binding.

                Assuming you are talking about named user licenses (Oracle used to sell concurrent user licenses and there are a few organizations that still have concurrent user licenses that they haven't converted to the more modern licensing schemes), you would need to add up the total number of humans that can access the data in the database (plus any automated systems but it doesn't sound like we're considering any of those). So you would take the 3 DBA users and then add in all the humans that have accounts that would allow them to access the application hosted on the app servers. If you have 6 application servers and those app servers are keeping 60 sessions open in their connection pools, I would expect that there are far more than 60 humans that have the ability to use those applications. So I would expect that you would need far more than 63 named user licenses.

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