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    How to remove home page link in presentation side


      in the saw.sessionsinfo.xml file ,i change the home link prop true to false
      but it not remove from the presentation side

      below is my file

      Below is my script file
      plz check it
      give if any errors
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <resourceBundle xmlns="oracle.bi.ps.resourceBundle/v1">

      <gdexpression id="noLogoffUI" expr="session.hideLogoffLink" />
      <gdexpression id="syndicate" expr="session.syndicate" />
      <gdexpression id="canAccessDashboards" expr="privileges.Access['Global Portal']" />

      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkCatalog" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkOpen" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkAdvanced" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkHelp" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkHome" expr="false" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkGSearch" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkNew" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkDashboards" expr="true" />
      <gdexpression id="hdrLinkSettings" expr="true" />

      <gdexpression id="bipKeepAlive" expr="session.bipKeepAlive" />
      <gdexpression id="bipWebUrl" expr="system.config['AdvancedReporting/WebURL']" />
      <gdexpression id="bipExternalRepository" expr="system.config['AdvancedReporting/ExternalRepository']" />

      <gdexpression id="biComposerContext" expr="system.config['BIComposer/ContextPath']" />

      plz anybody give solution for this