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    SCP Workbench->Resource->Horizontal>Planned Orders (which base table)?

      When I go to SCP Workbench and search for resource then click on Horizontal to find out the planned order for the resource.
      The planned order shows up below Required Hours, Net Hours Available, Capacity Load Ratio in the Workbench for the resource in Horizontal plan view.

      I need to know how the planned orders are calculated and which tables to refer to for the calculation.
      I checked the following two tables:

      msc_resource_requirements was close to that but when I filtered for the org>department>resource, I tried matching with the planned order quantity to the table but it didnot match. There are some columns which are resource hours, daily resource hours, unadjusted_resource_hours and touch_time etc.But they donot match.
      The other table which I need to join is to msc_orders_v but donot know which column should give me the total planned order quantity.

      Can you please give me some idea on which table>column and how to calculate the planned order so that it matches the planned order for the resource in SCP Workbench->Resource->Horizontal>Planned Orders ?

      Thanks in advance.