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    Application security

      I am using 11g in linux box.
      1.created 2 user1 and user2 in Console
      2.created group then 2 user asign to Country_Group
      3.Login EM then created application role name called "Country_Role"
      4.Created Application Policies copy of BIadministrator then asign ro member is "Country_Role".
      5.restarted OPMN
      6.I login Administrator in Analytics.
      7.I set administrator-->Manage priviliges-->Access to Answer i added application role "Country_Role"
      8.I am trying to login User1 in answer but ne not able to see new create analysis option
      9.When i login admin i set Manage priviliges-->Access to Answer i added user1 then i am able to see Answer option in User1 Login.

      Could you pls let me know When i set Access to Answer is "Country_Role" and authentication role is denied.
      i am not able to create anwer report.How will give privileges.(Which is more power full application role Authentication Role vs Country Role)

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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          The step 4# Is it based on Selecting BIAdministrator->Using button 'Create Like...' ?
          Or else make sure BIAdministrator you got membership for 'Country_Role'.

          I would suggest to read these 2 pages and verify your steps

          Mark if helps