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    Error Occurred During LBYSYNC


      When we run the LBYSYNC batch file we got below error,

      Error Occurred during LBYsyncone()

      This error message continously coming untill entire synchronization is performed.
      Let anyone know what is this message referrred ? What error it showing? Where we need to check ?

      Please provide your comments.

      RAMAN C.
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          Hi buddy,

          Are you supplying *.ini file & the corresponding library file to the LBYSYNCH utility ?

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            calittle - oracle
            You can enable debug mode for your database handler with the following in your INI file. I've included extra information so you can learn how to locate the proper setting. Start by locating the <LibraryManager> group, and look for the setting Library=. You may have multiple settings. Locate the setting that you use in your command line to execute LBYSYNC. Next, look for the group <Library:X>, where X is the value from Library= (it's the Library Name). In that group, locate the DBTable= setting. Now look for <DBTable:X> where X is the value for the DBTable= setting, then locate the DBHandler= value. Finally, look up <DBHandler:X> for that value, and add Debug=Yes.
            < LibraryManager >
            Library = YourLibraryName

            < Library:YourLibraryName >
            DBTable = YourDBTableName

            < DBTable:YourDBTableName >
            DBHandler = YourDBHandlerName

            Debug = Yes
            When you next run LBYSNC you will get a trace file that is output which will contain plenty of debugging information. FYI: make sure you're running with the appropriate settings. Example:
            lbysync /fromlby=deflib/master.lby /tolby=DMRES /ini=fsiuser.ini /c
            For additional information, review the Docutoolbox documentation for LBYSYNC here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16256_01/dtb_book.pdf