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    Latest File uploaded by a user - Looks like a bug in APEX

      Hi All,

      I am writing one pl/sql logic to insert data from csv file to databse table. Since I have to do some pre processing steps I am using the custom logic instead of the standard data load feature.

      My Apex Version is

      Earlier in Apex 4.0 for finding the latest file uploaded by a user, I was using the below peace of code.

      select blob_content into v_blob_data from wwv_flow_files
      where last_updated = (select max(last_updated) from wwv_flow_files where UPDATED_BY = :APP_USER)
      and id = (select max(id) from wwv_flow_files where updated_by = :APP_USER);

      But in APEX 4.1, the WHO columns(created_by,updated_by etc) are not populating. So I am not able to use the above logic to extract the latest file.

      Do anyone have a workaround for this.!!

      I have managed to insert the data by defaulting the file name. But after inserting all the records the page is loading for a long time and the page is getting time out. Is there any solution for this.?

      Looking forward for your valuable comments.

      Thanks in advance.

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          if you're using the filebrowse in apex, you can do something like this to get the file from the table.

          SELECT id,filename, mime_type, blob_content,name FROM apex_application_files
          WHERE name = p_filename;

          p_filename would be the value returned from the filebrowse item. The name that comes out is unique and will look something like x99999999/filename.csv, the actual file name will be stored in the filename column.