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    OBIEE and Oracle data integrator

      Yesterday I installed Oracle data integrator on my client just to test the product.
      With rcu I created the repository schema for ODI on my oracle database.
      On that database there was also all the datawarehouse tables I used in Obiee.
      Today i can't no more access to obiee and I don't understand why: the application always freezes at "connection in progress" page.
      I konw from experience that this fact is probably related to same problem with rpd file.
      And, actually, if I change the rpd file (restorng Simple_lite.rpd) Obiee works fine.

      So I tested each of my subject areas individually and I found that the problem is related to that connected to the database used yesterday for ODI.
      I can access to database from rpd in offline mode and read data from tables but, when I put this rdp online, Obiee login falis, even if I create a total new rdp with just one or two tables. I can't even access rpd in online mode. I'm pretty sure that database is up and accessible from Obiee: I tried to connect and run queries with sqlplus from obiee server without errors.

      Can anyone help me to understand where is the problem?
      How repository creation utility for ODI may have blocked rpd or obiee to access database?
      I checked application server and Bi_server log files and, apparently, I have found no helping messages.