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    Hyperion Shared Service - Assigning the Existing Group to the New group

      Hi all,

      In my planning application, I tried creating the new group "G3" through Shared service and assigned the existing groups("G1", "G2") to the new group "G3". So that all the existing group access will be transferred to the new group.

      But When i logged in with the G3- user, I found data forms has insufficient access giving the message -
      "You are trying to open the data form, but cannot because all of the required dimensions are not present. Possible causes may be that you do not have access to at least one member of a required dimension, or the member selection resulted in no members present. Contact your administrator. "

      I can able to login and see the dataform with the G1 & G2 group user.

      What should I need to change in the settings for avoid this?

      Thanks in advance