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    SMTP service on in oracle database to send mail directly from oracle databa

      I want to send mail from my oracle database.
      I have followed the steps below:
      1> Run utlmail.sql & prvtmail.plb

      2>set smtp_out_server parameter

      3>To send mail, execute utl_mail.send(sender=>'',recipients=>'',message=>'ABC');

      My concept is to provide smtp/mail server ip & port in smtp_out_server parameter's value.

      But One person said that oracle database server can make itself as a smtp server.So that we can assign database server ip & port in smtp_out_server parameter's value.We have to just on the smtp service in oracle database itself.There is no requirement of smtp/mail server ip & port.Is it true?How can we do that?

      In google to Add an SMTP Service,the document said in the 1st line that on the Services tab on the left, select a Process tree node (for example, the default Oracle Enterprise Gateway).
      I am sorry to say that I did not find that.Anyone can help me please?

      Please reply anyone.

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